Welcome. My name is Jung Park and I finally found some free time. So what to do but start my first blog. With sites like WordPress making things super easy, it was a cinch.


My background is in finance and accounting. As you can imagine, spreadsheets are an essential tool of the trade. But this field is more than just number crunching. The most challenging—thus most interesting aspect—is solving the endless stream of problems that crop up. I guess this isn’t unique to finance and accounting.

I got into programming the old fashion way—through Excel macros. I started using macros to automate simple tasks and wound up writing VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) codes. One thing led to another and I began programming Access databases and switched to C# and VB.NET. I thought of migrating to Visual Basic 6.0 but chose Visual Studio 2003 instead.

After programming for several years—mostly on weekends—the thing I found most difficult was coping with complexity. Why do projects become so complicated? They usually start out simple, yet inevitably grow hair. And I’m only talking about one person projects. I can’t imagine a project with hundreds of programmers.

Then I came across “The Mythical Man-Month” by Fred Brooks which kind of explained it all. He basically says programming is difficult and complex and will forever be that way. There is no silver bullet. It’s no wonder I’m struggling with complexity.

In addition to programming, I’m a recent convert to smartphones and tablets. It started when I got the Galaxy S4 smartphone and the Nexus 7 tablet. All I can say is what took me so long? I’ve since upgraded the smartphone to the Nokia Icon and the tablet to the Surface 2.

The productivity increases I’ve realized are simply amazing. It isn’t just an incremental increase but a seismic shift. I can’t pinpoint the exact reasons but I think form factor and connectivity might have something to do with it.

This leads me to believe we live in a special time. Technology is adding so much to our information processing capabilities. Not too long ago, advances in technology were measured in decades. Now they’re getting shorter. I think the pace can only accelerate and even go vertical. That would be something else.


I’m not a professional programmer—just an avid enthusiast. The things I post may not provide much insight or even be correct. They’re just going to reflect my understanding at the time of their writing. So readers beware. Contents are provided “AS-IS” with no warranties and confer no rights.

Also, I’ll likely digress into such things as smartphones, tablets, technology, or about anything that piques my interest. Since they’re my take on things, I really can’t go wrong there.


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